New Integration: ClickUp
We’re super excited to announce that you can now integrate ClickUp with Pleexy!
Our newest integration makes it easy to track your ClickUp tasks within your preferred task manager, keeping a two-way sync of your data no matter where you’re working from. Now you can automate your ClickUp task management and prioritize your most important work.
Define the source of your tasks in ClickUp
Pleexy lets you filter your tasks by workspaces, spaces, folders, lists, and statuses.
Choose your destination
With our ClickUp integration, you can create all ClickUp tasks under one project in your task manager or create a different project for each ClickUp list.
If you use Todoist as a task manager, you have the option to sync your ClickUp statuses as sections in Todoist.
Synchronize task attributes
Just like our other integrations, you can synchronize task attributes such as due dates, labels, priority, and task description.
You can also choose which ClickUp statuses will be used to mark tasks as completed. You can choose a custom status, the default closed status, or choose not to track a task’s completion.
By default, the Closed status is always considered complete in ClickUp. If you select a custom status called Review, for example, and you move a task to Closed or Review in ClickUp, the task will be completed in Todoist either way. If you complete a task in Todoist, Pleexy will move the task to the Review status in ClickUp.
Keep a two-way sync of your tasks
When you complete or delete tasks in ClickUp, the same actions will be made to your tasks in your task manager.
When you complete tasks in your task manager, they will be marked with the “completed” status you specified in your Task Settings.
A New Interface
Along with this new integration, we are trying out a new UI design for the flows involved in setting up and editing connections. We want to improve the experience for our users and bring clarity when it comes to customizing connection settings.
At this time, the new UI is only available for our ClickUp connector as a form of test run, but we might be rolling it out gradually for all our integrations later.
For more information on how to set up a ClickUp integration in Pleexy, head over to our help center.